What is Cook Momma?

It’s a project I’ve been cooking up for a long time. But the main idea has always been the same:

Natural tomato sauce spaghetti

I want to share what I cook on a daily basis because I have always found happiness in food. Delicious food means comfort, health, and keeping life fresh!

Cooking is all about inventing flavors and aromas. It’s about taking what you already know and creating a new version, and maybe – who knows! – a better version.

Like life, cooking is full of opportunities and the limits are only set by your own mind. Everyone can cook.

A bit more about me

  • I first started cooking when I was about 7 years old, in my grandma’s kitchen. From there, I learned to bake cakes and cookies, soups and desserts. My sweetest memories are from my grandmas’s kitchen. 
  • I graduated from high school in 2005 and went straight to culinary school in San José Costa Rica, at the Escuela Gourmet Internacional (international gourmet academy).
  • I achieved an international chef diploma as well as official membership of the National Chefs’ Association in 2007.
  • After that, I worked as a sous chef assistant at the Radisson hotel for about a year.
  • Then I moved up and got a job as a pastry chef’s assistant, and for 2 years I worked at the well-known Restaurant Le Chandelier.

By that time I was in my early 20’s. The world seemed so huge. I wanted to travel. I wanted to open new doors.

So I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2010. Soon after arriving, I met the love of my life. During our 3 years there, I worked in multiple restaurants, and learned mixology and bartending skills. I eventually became a chef focused on Argentine wine and food. Next we moved to Montezuma, a paradise beach on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. There, I worked at the Anamaya yoga resort, a boutique hotel famous for its organic food. And after Anamaya, my husband and I decided to move to Atlanta.

Bringing Cook Momma to Life

When our family started growing, I had to put my project on stand-by for a while.

Chicken avocado strawberry salad

It is easy to lose yourself when you live for others, and that was precisely why I decided to finally bring Cook Momma to life. Cooking comes so naturally that I want to share my flavors and inventions – to create new recipes and set myself new goals. I want to share it all.

Maybe we can find new inspirations and surprising new flavors along the way! Why not? We are all learning. 

After all, that’s what this whole project is all about. New ingredients, new ideas, new flavors. Just that. Just cooking. 

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